About me
Name: Sarah Jenkinson
DOB: 10.07.85
Birth place: Nottingham, UK
Place of residence: London, UK
Job: Architectural Assistant
Place of Work: Levitt Bernstein Associates
Bike: Merida Juliet 94

What is P2P?
From April to July 2013, a team of British riders are cycling from Portland Oregon, USA to Portland Place London, UK – studying how cities are coping with the increasing interest in the bicycle as a credible form of urban transport.


11 weeks / +6500km / 15 core riders / 12 cities / 4 countries

Why P2P?
I fell for cycling when I lived in Chamonix in the summer of 2009; it was impossible not to become hooked with the back drop of Mont Blanc as I flew down the winding descents after a rewarding long climb. Back in London with a busy schedule, cycling seems to be the quickest way to get around the city, and certainly the best way to break free of the frustrations of rush hour traffic and public transport delays.

Working in architecture and urban design at Levitt Bernstein I’ve always been fascinated by the bigger picture; what makes our cities work and how the standard of the built environment is so directly linked to economic, environmental and, most importantly, social consequences. Cities dominated by the car are a mistake of our previous generations so now it’s time for people and pedestrians to take back control. We need to find ways for city dwellers to get from A to B without the dependence of vehicles, but instead the independence of two wheels.

I’m excited to be on the P2P team and am fascinated to see what we can learn from the US. The cycling revolution has only just begun in London; there is much change to come and I can’t wait to be a part of it…


Photograph by Grant Smith

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